After spending a week in Istanbul, I was all geared up for the next phase of travel that is Europe, the first port of entry being Greece. Crossing the border took some time as the officials had to ensure that I was not a refugee


It was a nice ride from Selcuk to Istanbul. The city had its share of tourists, but it was a far cry from the usual numbers that come in due to the recent blasts at the Taksim square and later in the capital.


Turkey is a cultural potpourri that you need to take in as you travel from the East to West. In fact this was the exact route I took entering from Iran. I experienced the Kurdish influence in the East to the European in the West.


The land of surprises…
When I announced that my next port of entry would be Iran, I received a lot of


The Land where the old and new collide…
With the first leg of my epic journey wrapped up in Melbourne, I


Of a land down under and a new found experience..
My first experience setting foot on the continent of Australia has been through my Warrier’s Trail adventure.

Indonesia – Java

After a marathon ride from Sumatra, we entered Java on the auspicious day of Eid ul Adha, that was a public holiday. I was welcomed at the harbour by my friend Bhushan

Life in hostel / dorm

It’s the people you meet that make the adventure what it is…
I was never exposed to life in hostels or dorms as this was my first travel experience outside