Nov 24, 2015

Of a land down under and a new found experience..

My first experience setting foot on the continent of Australia has been through my Warrier’s Trail adventure. I was really looking forward to experiencing the land Down Under as I had heard a lot of people raving about it. I shipped my motorcycle from Bali to Brisbane, and a transit time of around four weeks gave me some breathing space and time to chill out after the hectic Indonesian lap.
I was flying into Darwin and had a late night connection onward to Melbourne. Even though I had two hours to explore the city between the two flights, I decided to spend it in the airport. The weather in Melbourne caught me off guard when I landed from Darwin. It was 10 degrees and the chilling wind made it even worse. The places I travelled through were Cairns, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney & Melbourne, and in each place I experienced something unique and enthralling.
But how could I start my Australian story without first describing my first interaction with an Aboriginal. I was aware of their roots but had never really interacted with any and so was not even sure how they looked. So here I was sitting in a coffee shop sipping a cup of hot chocolate when a woman dressed in tatters came and sat at the adjacent table. She seemed inebriated and was mumbling in an incomprehensible language. An attempt at friendly banter seemed futile as she didn’t seem to be too social. Fortunately, a fellow traveller saw the situation and signalled me to stay away and later I realised that the Aboriginal people are not too comfortable communicating with strangers. Nevertheless it was a unique experience and I got a sense of their strong influence from the Asian side of the world, especially in their physical appearance.

Oct 01, 2016
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What 365 days of travel has done to me..
Jun 19, 2016
As I sit in a coffee shop in one of the busy streets of Paris, sipping on a piping


Warrier’s Trail is a crazy dream of a simple guy that was inspired by a desire to travel, meeting people, see places and live life full of uncertainty.

The dream is to travel 40 countries, in over 500 odd days in 5 regions (S.E.Asia, Australia, Middle East, Europe & Africa)

A journey of exploration!