Life in hostel / dorm

Oct 03, 2015

It’s the people you meet that make the adventure what it is…
I was never exposed to life in hostels or dorms as this was my first travel experience outside
India on a shoestring budget and I was looking at every possible avenue to minimize my cost.
All research led me to one conclusion…live in hostels / dorms/ guest houses. I had no clue as to
what to expect.
I am no hostel veteran but my experience has been great and nothing much to regret during my
last 4 months in S.E.Asia. I have been put up in some amazing dorms with mouth watering
breakfasts while there were other places where I would count every second to sunrise for me to
Personally for me, I have had rather very few tough experiences. I normally do my research
before entering a new city / town and would have a basic idea of the price point and what to
My research began with CouchSurfing, Hostel World, Airbnb, and Agoda. This
was for S.E.Asia and it more or less gave me the entire spectrum of available properties, price
and the reviews. There were options of giant dorm rooms with one shared bathroom for far too
many people, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Those are just the cheapest rooms
available; if you are willing to pay a few extra dollars, you can often upgrade to a smaller dorm
or end up even in a private room! The choice depends on the traveller. Do you value your
privacy and a good night’s sleep or can you hack it with a loud snorer and sometimes a room
full of strange characters? There can be really shady places; this can be filtered from the
The stay for me has been a great experience with the highlight being the opportunity to meet
other travellers, enjoy their stories as well their wild adventures and experience the youthful
vibe. I always met up with someone who has travelled more and gave me good insights on the
non-touristy places. We might end up having a companion for the next leg of the journey. All this
depends upon the person you are. I enjoyed the company of other travellers as it gave me the
opportunity to understand different cultures and background of other travellers.
On the flip side, I hated it when we have to seem friendly and upbeat always. People are social
creatures, but it is also good to have some ‘alone’ time to unwind and relax.
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Oct 01, 2016
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