What 365 days of travel has done to me..

As I sit in a coffee shop in one of the busy streets of Paris, sipping on a piping hot cup of coffee on a cold rainy afternoon, I find myself reminiscing on the year gone by


It was a nice ride from Selcuk to Istanbul. The city had its share of tourists, but it was a far cry from the usual numbers that come in due to the recent blasts at the Taksim square and later in the capital.


Turkey is a cultural potpourri that you need to take in as you travel from the East to West. In fact this was the exact route I took entering from Iran. I experienced the Kurdish influence in the East to the European in the West.


The land of surprises…
When I announced that my next port of entry would be Iran, I received a lot of


The Land where the old and new collide…
With the first leg of my epic journey wrapped up in Melbourne, I


Of a land down under and a new found experience..
My first experience setting foot on the continent of Australia has been through my Warrier’s Trail adventure.

Indonesia – Java

After a marathon ride from Sumatra, we entered Java on the auspicious day of Eid ul Adha, that was a public holiday. I was welcomed at the harbour by my friend Bhushan

Life in hostel / dorm

It’s the people you meet that make the adventure what it is…
I was never exposed to life in hostels or dorms as this was my first travel experience outside