Jun 10, 2015

6th June 2015 was the day I started my eventful journey from Cape Comorin, Kanyakumari. The place is the southernmost tip of the Indian Subcontinent, and is known for its spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

The last few days leading up to the start date were gruelling and frustrating as the Bike seemed to be showing some unfavorable signs and sourcing original parts that needed to be replaced proved to be a challenge. In fact I was at a point where I nearly scrapped the plans of flagging of my trip from Kanyakumari and wanted to start from my hometown, Thrissur, Kerala. Here’s a trip down memory lane on the series of events that led to the start of Warrier’s Trail..


Three days to go, 3rd June, Thrissur

The bike was ready by late evening and we took it for a test ride. The beast was all set and was gliding across the tarmac without missing a beat. This was a momentous occasion for everybody on the project. We had taken into consideration every possible situation from a mechanical and electrical point of view while building the bike. I finally decided to stick with the decision of starting from Cape Comorin.


Two days to go, 4th June, Thrissur

I had a short press conference to attend along with my family and the mechanical team after which I packed up and left for Kanyakumari in the early evening. I had to cover around 350 kms and I took a break in Cochin and continued to Trivandrum where I planned to halt at my friend’s house. In the interim of the journey I had wonderful experiences where I was overwhelmed by people’s hospitality. First at the restaurant in Alleppey that I had stopped for dinner, where the owner a biker himself seemed so inspired by my travel plans, that he did not charge me a penny for my meal! Second time I had a similar experience at a tea stall I had halted at.


One day to go, 5th June , Trivandrum

Even though I reached around 1:00 am, I decided to take it easy as the last couple of weeks had really drained me out mentally and physically. I took time out to meet old friends in Trivandrum, and it really eased me out. I continued my onward journey to Kanyakumari in the evening and reached around 8:00 pm. Staying at a  family friend’s house, we reminisced the great time we had working on a project together.


The D Day, 6th June, Kanyakumari

The day I had been planning for many months, the day I set foot on the bike to realise my dream was here! I woke up to a serene morning with a beautiful sunrise and calm seas, and there was nothing more I could ask for. There was this inner voice that said, this is the best day and it was the right decision to start from Kanyakumari.

I began the ride at 8:25 am with the blessings of  family and friends and headed to my next destination Trivandrum. There I had a press interaction planned by the local Press Club and I was fortunate to meet actor Suresh Gopi, who to my pleasant surprise was aware of my road trip and was keen to meet me and learn further about my journey.

I had 3 more stops before reaching my home town, one at Mohandas Fiat, second at Royal Enfield showroom Adoor and final at Cafe Papaya Cochin. I received a warm welcome at all the locations and that only added to my self confidence. I thank all of them for this support.


7th June – Flag Off from Thrissur

I was riding to Chennai and the bike was loaded with the spare parts, tools etc. I had to use the space judiciously, so organizing all the things took some time. The flag off was at 4:00 pm and it was great to see my friends and family come see me off and be part of this glorious occasion.

All this support only cemented the fact that I was doing the right thing in living my dream.

Oct 01, 2016
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What 365 days of travel has done to me..
Jun 19, 2016
As I sit in a coffee shop in one of the busy streets of Paris, sipping on a piping


Warrier’s Trail is a crazy dream of a simple guy that was inspired by a desire to travel, meeting people, see places and live life full of uncertainty.

The dream is to travel 40 countries, in over 500 odd days in 5 regions (S.E.Asia, Australia, Middle East, Europe & Africa)

A journey of exploration!