Oct 01, 2016

Make A Difference is a non-profit organisation, working to ensure better outcomes for children in orphanages and shelters across India.

Make a Difference works with nearly 5000 children in 77 shelter homes across 23 cities in India, delivering impact through a Fellow-managed volunteering model of 4000 young leaders.

Through four core programmes, Ed Support, Discover, Propel and Dream Camps, Make a Difference creates a support system and an emotional safe space for children in shelters by ensuring every child has at least 3 adults who care for them, understand them and who they can reach out to when they feel overwhelmed.

The key project that is being focused is PROPEL

This is a very big movement and there has to consistent support to keep the momentum of work. My objective is to spread the message about the different initiatives and raise funds for the successful implementation of these projects.

PROPEL, a project initiated under MAD, aspires to provide a broad spectrum of career/academic options to high school children from shelter homes, across the country. Initiated in 2013, PROPEL seeks to ensure that the vulnerable kids in the society get an opportunity to explore options either in higher education or in the job market. In a developing country like India, little emphasis is given at providing equitable opportunity to education after class 12. While most of the legislation aims at making primary and secondary education compulsory, PROPEL takes a step forward at ensuring that the child’s future is directed towards his chosen field of interest and not moulded by his socio-economic background. Depending on the interest and the requirement of the child, PROPEL visualises to prepare the child for higher education, vocational training or employment in the job market.

I would urge everybody to contribute and if possible volunteer for different programs to help the children become independent and good human beings.

Thank you!



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