Bangkok – a city for every soul.

Jul 13, 2015

This is my third visit to Bangkok, the earlier ones being official trips for conferences, which as usual ended up in some 5 star hotel, later ending the day in a pub guzzling down beers and grooving to the music. The first thing I decided when searching for accommodation, was to locate a place that is in a typical Thai neighborhood and would be a traveller’s / backpacker’s choice. This search lead me to Siam Journey as the reviews were great. The place was much better than I had anticipated and it was adjacent to the Phaya Thai BTS Station. It was the right decision as this was a backpacker’s heaven. The place is run by two advertising professionals and they are very well aware of a traveller’s mindset and the vibe is just amazing.

The journey started from Bangkok after I got my bike cleared from the port. That was a daunting experience that I would hope no other traveller should have. They (the agent & customs officials) literally fleeced me and I had no option but to give in as they spoke only Thai and you need to have an agent to clear the cargo.

I spent the first week in Bangkok exploring the city. Bangkok is a vibrant city, and it has shades of everything. The land of smiles and scams is a full Asian assault of cool, beauty, craziness, sleaze and pure uninhibited fun. And its growing reputation for offering many of the trappings of the developed world at a fraction of the price attracts the Western crowd. At the same time, the country is rooted in Buddhism, with great temples and Stupas across the city. The other face of the city is the amazing street food culture, nightlife and open markets. So whatever your interests, Bangkok has something to offer everyone.

I met some amazing travellers and had a fabulous time wandering through the streets of Thailand visiting the Grand Palace, Buddha temples, Buddha temples, and more Buddha temples! Need to also mention the food streets, malls etc. The local population is very calm and friendly. Chinatown was a big highlight as it is full of unrecognizable foods and tiny shops where you can buy everything from ancient Chinese curing herbs to plastic blingy trinkets. There are also some cool temples tucked into the meandering alleys. We let loose at Khao San road and partied all night.

Bangkok is one of the best cities in the world for delicious, cheap street food – from tiny one-person carts to little sidewalk restaurants offering shaded tables. Having said that, I truly savored the banana pancakes to the Pad Thai & Thai Green Curry. The consistency was sinfully creamy and I did relish the flavor of coriander and cloves. The best thing was that the dish was easily customizable to fit my needs as a vegetarian. In fact it’s a paradise for street food lovers especially non vegetarians.

It’s been a great start for me, especially the stay at Siam and meeting new people from across the world with completely different backgrounds and cultures. It was fascinating to interact and hear stories and in the process made some good friends who relate to my journey.

Oct 01, 2016
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