Ayuthaya – the magical land

Jul 18, 2015

As I planned my journey around Thailand, Ayutthaya did not feature in it. Later, on reaching Thailand I started my research and stumbled on this place and it was on the route which I had decided to take. Ayutthaya has strong history as it was once the capital of the Siam region. After the fall of the city in 1767, the glorious city has never recovered from the destruction the Burmese army inflicted upon it. Today, a fraction of those spell bounding temples have been recovered, but they surely do impress.
This is my first visit and prima facie I was impressed with the small town. This is a laid back town around 90 km north of Bangkok. From Bangkok, you can take a train to Ayutthaya. First class tickets are in the range of 200 to 300 Baht and third class tickets are around 20 to 50 Baht. A cheaper option is to take a minivan from the Freedom Monument in Bangkok directly to the center of Ayutthaya. I entered at noon and headed straight to the guest house – Baan Lotus. The place was so welcoming, and aptly located. The guest house was constructed in typical Thai architecture. The absence of distractions, such as in-room TV was something I welcomed. Often, people go on holidays only to be consumed by electronic gadgets, tethering us to the world back home, distracting us from enjoying the moment.
After easing off post the ride, I went for a stroll.The silence in the air was my first observation. It was a magical feeling. Yes, the town was functioning normally. There were vehicles on the road, shops were doing brisk business but I was enjoying this silence and that’s what really gravitated me to the WAT’s (temples).
Today these are ruins, having stories hidden in each pillar. I entered one of the WAT and found a serene place overlooking a nice green patch of grass where I could see children playing and adjacent was a small lake. The silence literally was soothing and I truly experienced the Zen state of mind. I have never felt this feeling and was enjoying every moment. With its minimalist vibe, the town offers plenty of space for quiet contemplation and a greater appreciation of nature. This is the kind of place that encourages one to be in the moment.
I moved to another locale and this same feeling existed. I eased of myself and it was so pleasant to feel the fresh air on your face and the smell divine fragrance of flowers. Take a walk on winding paths listening to the sounds of singing birds and bubbling brooks. I did try and capture the color and the expression of the town with the clear sky giving the final classic touch in my images.
The architecture and the larger than life monuments with their stories did inspire me, but what got me hooked to the city is this magical feeling. I will be going back to Ayutthaya as the place has made me rather attracted to it. I need to experience the magic once again.

Oct 01, 2016
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