Life in hostel / dorm

It’s the people you meet that make the adventure what it is…
I was never exposed to life in hostels or dorms as this was my first travel experience outside

Indonesia – Sumatra

The largest of the Indonesian islands, Sumatra consists of varied landscapes ranging from amazing beaches, active volcanoes and dense forests. Needless to say it provides you with some memorable experiences like a chance to get up close with Orangutans!

Singapore – The island of regulations

Initially I was very unsure if I wanted to take the motorcycle into Singapore or not. But the initial ordeal I went through made my decision of not getting it in easier.

Malaysia and the Biking Brotherhood

My second sojourn into Malaysia was riding in from Sadao Border (Thailand). The change in scenario was evident as soon as I crossed over, the first thing being the ease in communication.


My actual plan of riding into Vietnam from Laos did not pan out as unfortunately they did not allow me to cross with the bike as there is a restriction for motorcycles above 175 cc. Hence I rode into Cambodia and later to Bangkok and took a flight to Hanoi.


Cambodia has always intrigued me, it’s always topped the list of countries I wanted to visit. I had heard mixed reviews and to top it, was the discussion I was privy to the previous day I crossed into Cambodia.


I passed through the Nong Khai border (Thailand) and rode through the friendship bridge into Laos. The first thing I had to take note of was the change in traffic rules, as henceforth I had to ride on the right hand side.

Chiang Mai & The Northern loop

The moment I started climbing the mountains of Northern Thailand, the landscape around me transformed. It was a welcoming change from the plains. Chiang Mai is now a full blown city offering every facility and entertainment arena to the travellers as well as residents

Ayuthaya – the magical land

As I planned my journey around Thailand, Ayutthaya did not feature in it. Later, on reaching Thailand I started my research and stumbled on this place and it was on the route which I had decided to take.

Bangkok – a city for every soul.

This is my third visit to Bangkok, the earlier ones being official trips for conferences, which as usual ended up in some 5 star hotel, later ending the day in a pub guzzling down beers and grooving to the music.